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Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Create More Visual Environments

Top-Notch Lighting Installation in Canton, GA and surrounding areas

Great lighting creates depth and height and draws attention to the most impressive areas of your property. At Simplified Electrical Solutions, we make a lighting installation that balances the light and shade of your spaces. Count on us to create a beautiful atmosphere, bring aesthetics, and improve the energy efficiency in your home or business in Canton, GA and nearby areas.
Light Up Every Space

Our experts can work with either hanging or recessed lighting indoor light fixtures. In addition, we can install outdoor landscape lighting, LED light replacement, or upgrade!

We specialize in:

  • Indoor lighting: Transform a space with good lighting! You can make a room feel comfortable, modern, more professional, or anything that comes to mind.
  • Outdoor lighting: Increase your outdoors’s safety with our help! You can create a warm welcome at the front door or highlight your landscape or architectural features. New lighting is perfect for patios, decks, and outdoor BBQ pits!
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Bring functionality and beautiful lighting to your property in Canton, GA and surrounding areas. We can help you decide what fixtures work best for your spaces and work around your lighting style. Learn more about our lighting installation by contacting us today!

Enjoy a Well-Lit Property!